Emilie: Education Outreach Project

Emilie: Education Outreach Project

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WAM Theatre will create integrative age appropriate (12-20) engagement opportunities around the issues and themes present in WAM Theatre’s November production of Emilie: La Marquise Du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight by Lauren Gunderson; women and Enlightenment and gender notions throughout history. The engagement opportunities for the participants include:

These engagement opportunities will result in the participants attending the play and participating in a culminating post show discussion. The production will be presented from November 7 to November 24, 2013 at the St. Germain Stage in the Sydelle and Lee Blatt Performing Arts Center at 36 Linden Street in Pittsfield, MA. There will be two student matinees at 12pm on both Friday, November 15 and Friday, November 22.

To get your organization involved with this program please contact info@wamtheatre.com

Click here to book $10 tickets to the Friday November 15 or Friday November 22 student matinees at 12pm. Both will be followed by a talkback with the artists.

Participating Organizations

BART Charter School

BART Charter School is a public middle and high school who mission is to prepare students for college by promoting mastery of academic skills and content with a strong foundation in the arts and technology. Their students come from 15 different communities across Berkshire County, a county known for its exceptional cultural institutions. BART students represent a largely underserved student population; 55% are low-income, 20% receive special education services, 10% are involved in foster care and only 20% have a parent who has graduated from college.

Flying Cloud Institute

Flying Cloud Institute’s goal is to help children from ages 5 through 18 discover and develop their interest and skill in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through a unique and exciting program which uses visual and performing arts, environmental studies and close connections with STEM professionals to inspire and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving. FCI provides children from kindergarten through high school with opportunities to engage in real world experiences under the supervision of professionals in these fields who inspire them to reach their full potential.

Girls, Inc

Girls Inc. of Pittsfield is an affiliate of National Girls Incorporated, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. The Pittsfield program shares this mission and offers innovative programs that help girls confront subtle societal messages about their value and potential, and prepare them to lead successful, independent and fulfilling lives.

Multicultural Bridge

Multicultural Bridge is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting cultural competence and integration of diverse groups in Western Massachusetts. This work includes women’s issues surrounding, identifying, and supporting; women’s education, women in leadership roles, domestic violence and sexual assault.  BRIDGE has worked with corporations, schools, colleges & universities, law enforcement, hospitals, teaching & leadership institutes to promote women and women’s issues.

Rite of Passage and Empowerment for Girls Program

A project spearheaded by community leader Shirley Edgerton that celebrates and honors the entry of adolescent girls into womanhood and provides them the skills and knowledge to be successful, independent, and responsible. This initiative emphasizes the participants discovering her inner voice, cultural awareness and self-development.  The project is designed to support and celebrate young women of color in Berkshire County.

Scholars involved in the project:

Dr. Amy Holzapfel, Associate Professor of Theatre, Williams College

Dr Jennifer de Browdy Hernandez, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Media Studies and Gender Studies, Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Lauren Gunderson, Playwright

Others involved in the project:

Shanae Burch, Social Media Campaign


This education outreach project is sponsored by Mass Humanities.


Ticket sponsorship is provided by Berkshire Bank Foundation and Interprint.