What Our Audiences Are Saying

“Congratulations on such a valuable piece of work with ‘In Dafur’. A stirring and necessary project, worked to perfection. The experience continues to stay with me, lingering.” – Robin Zeamer

“Brave, visceral, haunting and poignant, WAM Theatre’s In Darfur…is not to be missed. It is an experience that grabs ahold of you unlike any other and it is happening right now.” – Sara Katzoff, Co-Founder, The Berkshire Fringe

“The show was compelling, powerful, profoundly disturbing, redemptive, chaotic, dark with poignant moments of lightness.   The human story in other words beautifully captivated by all….what can one say about an experience like this? We all left, speechless.” – Amber Chand

“The conflict that the show focuses on happens in the early 2000s, and it’s something that not a lot of people my age are aware of. And, there’s still conflict going on now that’s under-recognized, so it’s important that those stories are told. I want everyone to see the play.” Click here to read the rest of what our Miss Hall’s Intern had to say about her WAM experience.


“I can’t say enough about your production of ‘In Darfur.’ I’m seriously so wowed by it and by my reaction throughout the performance, that it’s taken this long for me to respond to you. The combination of journalistic realism (I mean, there’s the journalist, right in front of me, trying to convince me along with her high-heeled editor back in NYC) and heightened theatricality was so profoundly moving. And about that reaction during it — I found myself saying, ‘wait a minute, this is supposed to be theater, not a documentary that is convincing me of what I need to do in the world’ and then I watched myself, my privileged ass in a cozy lawn chair being able to afford to go to a play, with my two kids comfortably and safely ensconced in college having that thought. And then the play would literally explode in front of me again. It’s rare that theater gives you insight into yourself in that way.” – Cindy Parrish

“If you haven’t seen WAM Theatre’s ‘In Darfur,’ find yourself there. It is a piece of theatre that leaves audiences speechless, literally. The honesty that these actors gave to me was something that, as a young theatre artist, makes me excited to continue, because theatre is here to show ALL realities of the world. This show did just that. So go and see it and be prepared to not necessarily “enjoy” it but rather to let the show change something deep within you. Thank you, Kristen van Ginhoven and all of WAM! – Kahlia Russell-Self

ROPE Girls at In Darfur

It makes me angry that no matter who is fighting or for what reason, women and girls always seem to be caught in the middle. Their bodies free for all sides to wage war on…I write because I think the keyboard is my ammunition for continuing the conversation.”
– Read the entire Blog post about her experience of the play by Kuukua Dzigbordi Yomekpe.

Opening Night Talk Back

“Wow. Everyone in the theater was virtually In Darfur last night. Tragic over the top drama and emotion. Should be seen by all.” – Bill Lyon

“Without words but deep in thought after tonight’s fierce premiere ‘In Darfur’ by WAM Theatre. Congratulations to the courageous Kristen van Ginhoven for bringing such a powerful provocative performance to stage. Seating intimate and limited – selling out fast. Go.” – Laurie Norton-Moffat


“What a powerful, involving, intense, moving, uplifting experience. WOW. And I especially loved that I never forgot that I was watching an event in theatre. That was what made it possible to experience the horrible truth we witnessed. I also came away with such a profound experience of the strength, courage, resilience of the human spirit.” – Gail Ryan

“…the experience was simultaneously life challenging and life affirming. Great!”

“We saw the performance last night- better to say we EXPERIENCED the performance – amazing and powerful!”

Womens Fund of Western Mass 11-2-014

There is no way I can do justice in describing this gut-wrenching, powerful and moving theater experience…If you are in the Berkshires, don’t miss it!” – Joyce Lazarus

“Amazing night of moving theatre. Don’t miss it.”

“Spread the word. WAM’s ‘In Darfur,’ at Shakespeare & Co, is a MUST SEE.” – Pat Salomon, MD

“Just home after seeing ‘In Dafur’ by the WAM Theatre at Shakespeare & Co tonight. I recommend it highly if you’re ready to have boundaries between yourself and history ripped away, if you’re willing to see the starkness of displaced persons camps, the rawness of hate, the suffering of women. Somehow this offering pulls it all off with dignity, so even as you go thru quite a process in the 90 minutes of the performance, you’re left with a sense of oneness with life, with the audience, with the performers and team. I want to go cry, and at the same time, I feel somehow and miraculously more alive and more in touch with life than before I went tonight. Congratulations Kristen van Ginhoven and your whole cast and team. You pulled off something that is a real gift to us all.” – Susan Olshuff

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