LindiweLindiwe is a Housemother at Mother of Peace, Illovo. She grew up at Emzumbe High Flats after she lost her mother at the age of twelve. She raised her siblings in a child-headed household, getting them through school and sacrificing her own dreams to help them realize their own.  Her brother was 9 months old and her sister two years old at the time of her mother’s death. They were taken care of by an aunt for a short while and heavily subjected to abuse as they were orphaned children who were ostracized in the community. She is a single mother of Thobelane who is 17 and Sphephelo who is ten years old. She lived in Umgagaba, a short distance from Illovo, before coming to MoP  and returns to her family during her time off.  She enjoys taking care of the children at MoP because she knows the hardship of growing up without any parents. She wants to nurture them and tries to aid them in their lives so that they too will understand the importance of taking care of one another.


Lindiwe enjoys cooking curry and rice with vegetables. With the extra money she would build her own house, invest in education, and assist her brother so that he can go to University.

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