IMG_0473 (1)Living up to a Leap Year

Written by Artistic Director Kristen van Ginhoven as part of her ‘What’s my #vision’ series.

March 1, 2016

On February 6, the night we launched our 2016 season with ‘Facing Our Truth’, an event we co-produced, I stood in the lobby of the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield and realized the following:

WAM Theatre is a place where arts and activism meet.

The lobby was filled with people who were eager to see an event where arts was the vehicle for activism and they had come to a WAM event to do so. What a joyful moment! Finally, I had an answer to the question I get asked the most: What does WAM stand for?

WAM’s vision is to create opportunity for women and girls.
We do that through our mission of theatre (our art) as philanthropy (our activism).

As we grow from our grassroot beginnings into our sophisticated vision of philanthropy through theatre, we invite you to LEAP with us into the future. We are prepared. We have a thoughtful five year strategic plan, a devoted team of staff, board and volunteers, a passionate leader and six years of experience.

Here’s how you can help guarantee our future impact:

Time:  Join our dynamic volunteer community- From our board to our various committees, we truly rely on our 50+ volunteers to help us go from success to significance. Find out more now

Talent:  Join our WAM Social Club- Host an event where your guests make donations to our Education and Events programming. From a backyard BBQ to a classy dinner, personalize the event to suit your talents. Last year, our hosts raised nearly $10,000! Find out more now.

Treasure:  Join our passionate WAM donor community. Last year, our donors made it possible to provide jobs to more than 35 theatre professional and sponsor over 20 girls to participate in our our Girls Ensemble and Girls Inc. programs. Donate to WAM now.

Please enjoy reading our 2015 Annual Report and seeing the impact of your support on every page. It is because of you that all these accomplishments are possible.

Please leap with us this year and increase your donation of time, talent and treasure.

By doing so, you make it possible for us to provide more jobs to theatre professionals, create more opportunities for  women in theatre,  sponsor more girls in our education program and share more inspiring stories of women and girls with our audiences.

Our wish is that every arts organization would embrace our philanthropic model. Imagine the social change that would create! In the meantime, WAM will continue to make our impact by creating theatre for everyone that benefits women and girls.

Here’s to leaping together in 2016!

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