Monetary contributions are not the only way you can support WAM Theatre. A large and active corps of volunteers is vital to our future success. Whatever your skills, interests and availability, there’s a place for you on the WAM Team. We look forward to having you involved!

Contact our General Manager, Max Galdos-Shapiro, at max@wamtheatre.com to learn more and get involved.
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WAM Committees

Development Committee– Ensuring that WAM has sufficient financial resources to move forward is critical to meeting our goals. The Development Committee creates fundraising strategies and carries out its mission by seeking and securing connections. Interested members are nominated by the Board of Directors. [Monthly/bi-monthly meetings, more early in the year to set strategy]

Events Committee– An important goal is to make sure that WAM uses creative strategies to stimulate participation in a variety of organization activities by as many people as possible, including continually attracting new audience members and supporters. The Events Committee is charged with developing fresh, enjoyable and forward-looking events that create an enthusiastic community of WAM theatre-goers and supporters. [Time needed dependent on events- could be a couple of weeks, could be a few months- you sign up to be on the committee and then, when an event is coming up, a call to action will go out to the whole committee with details and you sign up to help if it fits your schedule.]

Go To Committee– A team of volunteers who are able to mobilize on short notice to carry out a variety of tasks strengthens WAM, whether setting up for events, picking up or dropping off items and actors or just being there when an extra pair of hands are needed. The Go To Committee is always ready for action. [As needed basis]

Strategic Plan Committee– An organization like WAM is organic and must continually plan for the future, evaluating what works and what’s valuable to the organization, its programs and the other organizations it serves. The Strategic Plan Committee measures the progress we’ve made and sets goals for future success. Interested members are nominated by the Board of Directors. [Meetings every six weeks or so.]

We are always looking for people interested in donating time and energy to forward our efforts. Sign up now online, or contact our General Manager, Max Galdos-Shapiro, at max@wamtheatre.com to learn more and get involved.

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