Once you purchase your ticket:

  • You will be sent an email confirmation from WAM Theatre upon purchase.
  • This email will include a code to access THE THANKSGIVING PLAY virtual play and a link to access THE THANKSGIVING PLAY SITE- where the virtual play can be accessed on the PERFORMANCE page. 
  • On November 19th, starting at 7:30 pm EST, the website’s PERFORMANCE page will go live and present THE THANKSGIVING PLAY. This means that you can now watch THE THANKSGIVING PLAY, via WAM Theatre’s Vimeo channel, anytime, or multiple times, between Thursday November 19th, starting at 7:30 pm EST, through Sunday, November 22nd, closing at 7:29 pm EST.
  • If you click on the PERFORMANCE page before the viewing period begins you will see a “come back later” message. NOTE:  you may need to refresh your PERFORMANCE page after November 19th, in order to load THE THANKSGIVING PLAY if you have visited the PERFORMANCE page prior to it going live.
  • After 7:29 pm EST on Sunday, November 22, you will NOT be able to watch THE THANKSGIVING PLAY anymore.
  • We recommend starting the stream by no later than 5:00pm (EST) on Sunday, November 22nd to allow enough time to start the show before the “closing” time on that date.
  • You do not need to create an account on Vimeo, download an app*, or pay anything to Vimeo to watch THE THANKSGIVING PLAY via the website on the internet. 

*FYI: for Roku or Apple TV users, you will want to add the Vimeo Channel to your device.

3 steps to watch THE THANKSGIVING PLAY on your TV through a Roku or Apple TV:

Step 1:  on a computer, sign up for a free Vimeo account and log in. Keep this window open on your computer.

Step 2:  in a new browser window or tab, go back to THE THANKSGIVING PLAY’s PERFORMANCE page and click on THE THANKSGIVING PLAY video window to start the video. Hit pause. In the top right corner of the video, you’ll see a “clock icon” – click on that to add THE THANKSGIVING PLAY video to your Vimeo “watch later” list. (This is why you keep your new Vimeo account open and signed in.) Now that THE THANKSGIVING PLAY video has been added to your Vimeo “watch later” list…

Step 3:  go to your TV and using your Roku or Apple TV device, load the Vimeo app/channel, follow the activation instructions, and sign in to your Vimeo account. Look for your “watch later” list in the menu. Now you will be able to access THE THANKSGIVING PLAY video from your “watch later” list through the Vimeo app on your television.

Vimeo FAQs

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is similar to YouTube but without the advertising. WAM now has its own “channel” on Vimeo that will be connected to THE THANKSGIVING PLAY PERFORMANCE page so that you can view THE THANKSGIVING PLAY through Vimeo via our website. Again, you do not need a Vimeo account to watch THE THANKSGIVING PLAY. Here is a helpful Vimeo Video Viewing FAQ page.

Can I stop and start the video of THE THANKSGIVING PLAY? 

Yes – as long as you are within the viewing period of Nov 19-22. Just like other videos you watch, you can pause and come back.

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble?

WAM Theatre:  you can call us at 413.274.8122 or send us an email at info@wamtheatre.com

It’s taking a while to load the video, what’s going on?

THE THANKSGIVING PLAY is a large video file. It may take a few minutes to load and start playing. If it is taking longer than a few minutes, you may need to check your internet connection strength. Using a 5G internet connection is optimal. You may also want to turn off your wifi connection and then turn it back on, or just completely restart your computer if that’s what you’re using to watch THE THANKSGIVING PLAY. Also, doing the same with your internet router can strengthen your connection. And, you can try looking for answers at the Vimeo Help Page. If you are still experiencing trouble, contact WAM Theatre as noted above. We will try to help you troubleshoot your situation.

Can more than one person watch THE THANKSGIVING PLAY with the one passcode?

No. You were sent a unique passcode for the number of tickets you purchased. If you need more tickets and have friends who would like to watch it, they can purchase tickets here.

Can I go back and watch it again after I’ve viewed it once?

Yes, you can watch it more than once within the designated time frame of November 19, 7:30pm EST, through November 22, 7:29 pm EST. And you can pause and restart later while watching, just like a DVD.