Part of 10x10 Upstreet Art Festival in Pittsfield.

When: FEBRUARY 14–28, 2013

Location: The six performances and opening and closing art receptions will be held at Y Bar at 391 North Street in Pittsfield.

Tickets: $10

With limited seating and show dates, pre-ordering $10 tickets is encouraged.


Alchemy Initiative and WAM Theatre collaborate to present 10x10on10, a multi-media theater and visual art exhibition exploring women’s lives and inspiration throughout life’s decades. Part of 10x10 Upstreet Art Festival in Pittsfield.

WAM Theatre presents an original theatre piece that weaves together stories, narratives and reflections by and about women exploring inspiration throughout life’s decades. Director Sara Katzoff, co-founder and Artistic Director of the Berkshire Fringe, reached out to a variety of writers with the question ‘What are the 10 things that inspire you most at this decade of your life?‘.Working with a small ensemble of local professional actors, Sara has taken the diverse answers and created an original short performance piece.

Playing around with the idea that some of our biggest inspirations continue through the decades, while others change dramatically, Alchemy Initiative invited girls and women to reflect on the question: ‘What are the 10 things that inspire you most at this decade of your life?’. From these inspirations, each girl/woman created a piece of artwork. The visual exhibit, curated by Diane Firtell, reads like a timeline of inspiration. Beginning as you enter at one side of the room is the work of young artists under age 10. The artwork and lists of what inspires the artists continue around the room, where it ends with the artwork of women aged 90 to 100.  All pieces are sized 10x10 and are for sale.

Actors: Barbara Cardillo, Joan Coombs, Kelly Galvin and Erin Ouellette.

Visual artists include: Karen Arp-Sandel, Suzi Banks Baum, Lucy Burns, Roselle Chartock, Laurie Coyle, Sarah Dunton, Diane Firtell, Collette Hartcorn, Ellie Kreischer, Sophia Lee, Natalie Levine, Melanie Mowinski, Gabrielle Senza, Jordan Skowron, Nina Silver, Carol Stegeman, Diane Sullivan, Rebecca Weinman, Amelia Wood, Paige Wright, and Parker Wright.

Writers include: Loren AliKhan, Suzi Banks Baum, Nakeida Bethel-Smith, Valerie Gene Costas, Linda Bidwell Delaney, Jane Burke, J. Thalia Cunningham, Nichole Dupont, Susan Dworkin, Margot Faught, Mallory Fehrensen, Rachel Siegel, Mackenzie Sax, Jenn Smith, Amanda Van Allen, and Truus van Ginhoven

Alchemy Initiative and WAM Theatre are encouraging the community to participate. Using the hashtag #10x10on10, they are calling for fans to post photos on Instagram of what inspires them at this decade in their life. Similarly, they are asking fans to post a list of their top ten inspirations on Twitter under the same hashtag.