Kristen's Blog PhotoBeing the next set of shoulders.

Written by Artistic Director Kristen van Ginhoven as part of her ‘What’s my #vision’ series.

November 10, 2016

I had hoped that our shoulders would be the last.

The results of November 8 show that my purpose is to be the next set of shoulders on this journey to equality.

My issue, equality for women and girls, is not top of the queue.

Other issues are ahead of it.

It has moved much farther up. It still has a distance to travel.

Therefore, I can choose to hump my shoulders, or I can throw them back and commit to being the next set of shoulders on this journey to equality.

I stand tall. Less than 100 years ago women got the right to vote.

I throw my shoulders back. On November 8, a woman won the popular vote in a country people think is the greatest nation on earth.

I lift my chin. The world is listening. The world understands there is a huge divide and that much more work needs to be done across many areas, including women’s rights.

I open my eyes and ears a little wider. Time keeps ticking. Another 100 years will pass. And my shoulders will have paved the way for continued progress to be made towards a world that values the contributions of ALL people, including women and girls.

Now that my shoulders are back and I’m ready to put one foot in front of the other, my first step is a renewed pledge to create as much opportunity for women and girls through WAM Theatre’s mission of theatre of philanthropy as I can.

One person at a time. This is how this all started. This is how this will continue.