WAM Theatre’s Education Program:

WAM Theatre aims to serve all of Berkshire County, including the growing number of underserved women and girls. We envision a world in which young women aspire to become confident leaders in their communities. In 2015, towards those aims, we launched our official comprehensive Education Program, which consists of three strands of outreach: Community, After School and Production.


The goals of WAM Theatre’s Education Program:

  • Provide a safe and supportive place to develop girls’ aspirations through focused and imaginative empowerment activities
  • Encourage and promote conversation and dialogue around complex issues affecting women and girls, in a community oriented and positive manner
  • Provide context to, and heighten the cultural enrichment and impact of, our production events

We aim to meet these goals through the following three strands of educational programming

Out of School Program

WAM Theatre Girls Ensemble

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Community Program

Creative Collaborations

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Production Program

Outreach programming around our productions

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