2012 The Old Mezzo Beneficiary

From a portion of The Old Mezzo box office proceeds, WAM Theatre was able to make a $2400 donation to Shout Out Loud Productions.

About Shout Out Loud Productions

Shout Out Loud Productions, Inc. is a local not-for-profit organization founded by Berkshire resident Jeanet Ingalls focused on raising the global awareness of sex trafficking, socially sanctioned abuse and poverty in the lives of women and children. Through the powerful and dynamic imagery of film and art, they seek to give voice to those that cannot speak for themselves.

“I am so grateful to the whole WAM Team for supporting us. The funding has helped me find the right survivor advocates to be a part of our documentary film. If I could focus on finding funding for the film and work nonstop on it, I would. But understanding the issues as survivor myself, I see how complex it is. My conscience will not allow me to be a naïve filmmaker. I want to make a difference.  I want this documentary to be different, and empowering. Thank you WAM for fueling the fight!”

Jeanet Ingalls

Shout Out Loud Productions