2014 In Darfur Beneficiary

Twenty-five percent of box office proceeds from the production of In Darfur, which amounted to $5,005, went to the 13 house mothers at the Mother of Peace Orphanage in Illovo South Africa.

About Mother of Peace Orphanage

WAM first heard about the Mother of Peace Orphanage from Berkshire resident Susie Weekes, who, since 2002, has been involved with the orphanage and who, in the midst of her many other worthy endeavours, is committed to doing what she can for the children and women there. The thirteen housemothers at the Orphanage have made many personal sacrifices and dedicated themselves to care for 84 children in residence as their own, many of whom have been orphaned, abused, or impacted by HIV/AIDS. Significantly, most of the housemothers plan to use WAM’s donation to invest in education for themselves and members of their families. When WAM Theatre artistic director Kristen van Ginhoven met Susie, she talked about her dream to honor and celebrate the 13 mothers with some recognition and money of their own. Through WAM’s production of In Darfur, she was able to do just that.

“Working with WAM left us all fully nourished, emotionally and financially. WAM’s actors, production crew and volunteers along with hundreds of audience members in Lenox MA, and  13 “Mothers” taking care of 84  children at The Mother of Peace Orphanage  in Illovo South Africa connected without meeting, came together in gratitude for each other’s work and experienced tangible compassion and commonality. Mind blowing!”

Susie Weekes

Mother of Peace Orphanage