2019 Pipeline Beneficiaries

In keeping with WAM’s double philanthropic mission, a portion of proceeds from this production, which amounted to $9,000 was divided equally between Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center and the Women of Color Giving Circle. These are our eighteenth and nineteenth beneficiaries.

About Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center

Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center exists to facilitate social harmony and reparations to members of the underserved global majority by means of support groups, reconnecting with nature, sustainably growing and preserving food, preserving and practicing indigenous wisdom, and fostering cross-cultural allies.

Visit the Harmony Homestead Website: unveilwholeness.com/

“WAM’s donation will allow Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center to create and provide a horticulture therapy program for people of color. We also hope to purchase a vehicle to help increase attendance by families of color at our programs, which include meditation, re-evaluation counseling classes, cultural food growing, and nature immersion programs.” Elizabeth Blackshine, Founder Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center

About the Women of Color Giving Circle

In affiliation with the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts, the Women of Color Giving Circle of the Berkshires seeks to inspire young women of color and instill self-respect and resilience. They work to build community, encourage youth development and educational success, and promote the arts. They provide funding and encourage civic action among citizens of Berkshire County.

Visit the Women of Color Giving Circle Website: https://www.facebook.com/wocgc1/

“This donation from WAM will help the Women of Color Giving Circle upgrade the educational tools we use in our mentoring program for girls and their families. It will also help us facilitate and maintain connections with students from historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) as we foster collaborative relationships by bringing them to the Berkshires to work with our youth.” Leah Reed, MemberWomen of Color Giving Circle