Juliana von Haubrich


Production Manager – Associate Artist

Juliana von Haubrich is a visual artist and Scenic Designer. She received her MFA in Scenic Design from the California Institute of the Arts, and has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Michigan. She was the founding Technical Director & Scenic Designer for Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit. On the west coast, Juliana designed sets for Echo Theatre Company, and worked in film (Paramount Studios) and television (TNT) art departments. In 2000, she moved to NYC to design sets for The Juilliard School, The Acting Company, and Present Company Theatre. In 2010, Juliana joined WAM Theatre Company and became an Associate Artist. She has also designed sets for Shakespeare & Company, Berkshire Theatre Group, Chester Theatre Company, Dorset Theatre Festival, Adirondack Theatre Festival, Arena Stage in DC, and Dallas Theatre Group. Juliana is a member of the United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, IATSE.


When I moved to Williamstown in 2004, I told my Berkshire friends that I was a “retired” Scenic Designer from NYC. I had had some success in the city, designing for Juilliard and The Acting Company, but the “glass grid” had recently knocked me out hard, along with the events of September, 2001, so I left NYC not knowing if Theatre really had a place in our post 9/11 world. In 2010, I met Kristen van Ginhoven. She told me about her idea for WAM and how theatre could have a direct, measurable impact on people’s lives. I jumped on board that train and never looked back! I designed the set for “The Melancholy Play” and found an artistic home. WAM Theatre literally saved my life as a female Scenic Designer, and to make that gift even sweeter, the work we do directly impacts the lives of other women and girls. It’s why I’m a true WAMazon and grateful member of the WAMily. I’ve been an Associate Artist and WAM’s Scenic Designer on every one of their main stage productions, with the exception 2019’s production of “Pipeline,” and that was due to Kristen and I traveling to The Arena Stage and Dallas Theatre Center with our encore “Ann” production. I love this company with everything I am because it has literally shaped who I am. Thank you WAM!

Juliana von Haubrich

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