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April 25-May 2, 2021 

The Light

by Loy A. Webb
Director Colette Robert

A surprise proposal gift puts the future of Genesis and Rashad’s relationship at risk when they are forced to confront a devastating secret from the past. THE LIGHT is a 70-minute, real-time rollercoaster ride of laughter, romance, and despair that uncovers how the power of radical love can be a healing beacon of light.

This is a reading. Actors will have scripts in hand.


Content warning: this play includes reference to sexual assault.
Ages 12+. Parental discretion advised

THE LIGHT is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.


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  • "When people ask me why do I write, my answer is always the same. To be a pointer towards hope. What does that mean? The world is full of darkness, and I want my work regardless of form or theme, to be the neon blinking sign in the darkness that says hope this way."

    Loy A. WebbPlaywright

What they're saying about The Light…

  • “What is impressive about the writing is how Webb keeps intensifying both the stakes and seriousness of the relationship even as she builds the threat of that which is tearing it apart.”

    - Chicago Tribune
  • “A visceral play… Loy A. Webb writes great lines and great one-liners”

    - The New York Times