Interview with Erin Redd, 2017 Girls Ensemble Mom

Dylan Redd, Erin’s daughter.

Erin Redd is the mother of Dylan Redd, a first-time participant in the WAM Girls Ensemble. Dylan is a 10th grader at Wahconah Regional High School in Dalton, MA. We asked Erin to describe Dylan’s experience from her own point of view.

WAM: How did you and Dylan hear about Girls Ensemble and decide to audition?

Erin Redd: Dylan heard through GSA teacher at school. I heard about it when a co-worker posted about it on internet. Dylan has loved drama ever since she started high school, so she was excited to audition. She loves drama, ever since she started high school

WAM: What did you expect Dylan’s experience would be?

Erin: I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. She didn’t talk about it a lot, so it was an amazing thing to see the final product. By the time they performed at the Spectrum Playhouse on Saturday, I noticed some differences in the show since the first performance. It had come together more.

WAM: We were so excited that we could send the Girls Ensemble to the ISTA Festival in Atlanta. What was Dylan’s experience like?

Erin: That was quite the experience for her! And for me since she hadn’t flown since she was two, so we were both nervous but the WAM folks calmed us down and she had a wonderful time. Now, when we go to visit her grandmother in Georgia this summer, Dylan has a whole itinerary of places she wants to show us in Atlanta.

Dylan (left) and Iris Courchaine during a musical moment in the 2017 Girls Ensemble show.

WAM: What was your Girls Ensemble your experience?

Erin: My husband and I agree that WAM is an amazing organization, and everyone involved with it is so great. It is so important for young women to have all-girls experience in a judgement free zone during their teen years.

WAM: What do you think Dylan got out of it?

Erin: I see how much Dylan has grown from this experience, and I know she’s made strong bonds with great people.  She’s very private and so I was very impressed to see what she brought to the table – and I could tell which words and ideas in the show were from her.  It was wonderful to see her open up and come out of her shell more than ever before.

WAM: Is Dylan sad that it’s over?

Erin: She is. She’s ready to audition for the 2018 cohort right now! But she is set to help out at a two-week drama camp this summer, so she’ll be continuing her theatre adventures again soon.