Interview with Josie Dorsey, WAM’s Intern

Josie Dorsey (in the middle) working in the WAM Office with Freda Grim and Kristen van Ginhoven
Josie Dorsey (in the middle) working in the WAM Office with Freda Grim and Kristen van Ginhoven

This is WAM’s second year participating with the Miss Hall’s School internship program.  It was on the bus to her off-campus internship in Lenox last year that Josie (MHS Class of 2017) met our previous intern Maggie (MHS 2015) who encouraged her to consider interning with WAM Theatre this year. Now that she is six months into her WAM experience, we thought it was time to sit down with her and catch up.

WAM: Where are you from, Josie?

Josie: I come from the New York State Capital District, near Albany, so I am not too far away. I came to Miss Hall’s as a freshman, so this is my third year at the school.

WAM: Have you done any previous internships?

Josie: Last year I interned at Kimball Farms in the Alzheimer’s Unit, so I have had two very different experiences, but I have enjoyed them both and learned a lot. I got to know some of the patients at Kimball Farms, and while some get frustrated and angry at their situation, others revert to childhood and are really lively and playful.

WAM: Do you have a background in theatre?

Josie: I started doing theatre in 8th grade, and I have been singing since I was seven years old. Show tunes are my favorites.

WAM: What were your expectations coming to work at WAM and what has surprised you the most?

Josie: I didn’t really have any big expectations. I’ve been surprised by how many people it takes to put on a show. Meeting all the different people and learning how they contribute to the production has been a really cool experience.

WAM: Did you enjoy being involved with our Main Stage production of Holy Laughter?

Josie: My work was all behind the scenes here in the WAM office, but I heard a lot about it from Kristen and Freda so it was really fascinating to finally see it. I realized that just from organizing portfolios and headshots for the actors, that I already knew each of them and their character.

WAM: What has been your biggest challenge here at WAM?

Josie: WAM is very organized in everything they do, and I found I had to quickly learn new software and skills in finance and fundraisers. It was hard at first, but now I’m glad I did it. These are skills that will stand me in good stead in the future, and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to learn them now.

WAM: What’s been your favorite part of working for WAM?

Josie: I really enjoy all the people. It is cool to work with people who are so passionate about what they’re doing, and inspiring to me, as a young woman thinking about college and career, to see people doing things they love. This has really influenced me and now I know more what I’m looking for in a career. I enjoy doing work that helps other people, as WAM does through its mission of double philanthropy, and I know I will seek out more opportunities to do that kind of work in the future.

WAM: What fields do you currently think you are interested in pursuing in college and beyond?

Josie: I am very interested in biology and foreign relations, but I also want to keep doing music and theatre while I am in college. In fact, I am going to an event at school later today to see what my opportunities are for my senior year at MHS. I am excited!

WAM: What is ahead for you immediately this summer?

Josie: My MHS roommate is Korean, so this summer I will get a job and work to save up to visit her in South Korea in the summer of 2017. I think my experiences at WAM and Kimball Farms will definitely help me get a job because I have real skills and experience to offer.