WAM 2020 Annual Report

WAM 2020 Annual Report

Dear WAMily,

Well, 2020, what a year…

Despite all of the uphill battles 2020 threw at us, we accomplished an enormous amount with your support. Enjoy reading this Annual Report to see all you made possible!

In 2020, we all witnessed or experienced first-hand how women and girls, especially those of color, continue to experience the most hardship and uncertainty. Just in January of this year, 100% of those filing for unemployment were women.

The pandemic, political upheaval, and racial uprisings reaffirmed WAM’s dedication to working at the intersection of art and activism to address gender inequity in our world.

Therefore, after the shock of the pandemic sunk in, we found a way to pivot and reimagine our season. We launched into presenting work online, learning an enormous amount along the way to utilize as we plan our hybrid digital 2021 season.

With your help, in 2020, we brought artists and audiences together and raised not only awareness, but also crucial funds for organizations on the front lines of this crisis.

We also dug deeper into our accountability work throughout the year, which resulted in releasing our accountability plan in January of 2021. Please read our plan. We are counting on you to hold us accountable.

A huge thank you to ALL who have contributed to WAM in 2020. It was a year like no other. We could not have done it without you.