A Statement About Yesterday’s Assault on Our Capitol

A Statement About Yesterday’s Assault on Our Capitol

Dear WAMily, 

What started as a joyous day turned into a brutal day for American democracy.

Wednesday, January 6, began with celebrating the decade-long work of grassroots organizers in Georgia resulting in the successful election of Senator-Elect Warnock and the anticipated victory of Senator-Elect Ossoff.

What followed was our country watching a mob of domestic terrorists assault our nation’s Capitol in a disgusting act of insurrection. 

Shocking. Shameful. Painful. Unpatriotic.


I reject the events of January 6, 2021. 

I call on our officials to arrest and prosecute those who violated our democracy.

I also name these events for what they are – the epitome of patriarchy, white supremacy culture, and entitlement. 

This toxicity was on full display by the words and actions of our sitting President, the extreme lack of security throughout the day’s events, and the image of an extremist eating a sandwich on the Senate Dais.


It’s ugly. It’s cruel. It has to stop. 

As we all process the enormity of what happened, I hope you take care of yourself, take care of those around you, and look ahead towards the future. 

Yes, a new President will be in office come January 20, but the racism, sexism, and violence on display will remain. 

We have been shown once again how deep the roots of hate are in this country. We must all commit to doing everything we can to dig it out, once and for all.

My thoughts and gratitude are with those who did all they could to uphold democracy, and with all of us who will continue to do so.

In solidarity,

Kristen van Ginhoven,
Producing Artistic Director, WAM Theatre