We Are So Thankful for Your Support!

We Are So Thankful for Your Support!

Dear Valued WAMily Member,

THANK YOU for making it possible to support artists, produce innovative theatre, and positively impact women and girls during this pandemic. WAM is proud to do this work with you.

We are living in uncertain times, and your support today directly impacts WAM’s ability to produce our 2021 Season, including our ability to storytell through theatre, maintain our community outreach opportunities, and keep our staff and artists employed.

The pandemic, political upheaval, and racial uprisings have only reaffirmed our dedication to working at the intersection of art and activism to address gender inequity in our world.

This year, we have all witnessed or experienced first-hand how women and girls, especially those of color, continue to experience the most hardship and uncertainty.

Will you make a donation today to reaffirm your commitment to making change through theatre? With your help, we can bring artists and audiences together, shift narratives, explore the injustices of our world, and raise not only awareness, but also crucial funds, for organizations on the front lines of this crisis.

Despite all of the uphill battles this year has thrown at us, we are grateful for how much we have accomplished. Your support has made the following possible:

  • WAM produced two virtual plays,Roe and The Thanksgiving Play, bringing theatre to audiences in a safe and entertaining way. The plays delved into reproductive justice (Roe) and white supremacy culture as it relates to indigenous history (The Thanksgiving Play). WAM was proud to provide paid work to 30 artists, as theatre workers have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

  • WAM donated over $5,000 of our ticket sales to organizations working on the front lines. The funds were used by our beneficiaries to train educators in sexual health education; help fight maternal mortality rates; and provide essential care during the pandemic. This means, since 2010, WAM has raised over $80,000 for organizations making change for women and girls.

  • WAM helped feed over 70 local familiesthrough a Fresh Takes play reading fundraiser for our community partner, BRIDGE. Funds were also donated to the Mohican Tribe, on whose ancestral lands we reside, towards their new library and museum.

  • WAM designed virtual collaborative spaces for community members to engage in the work of our People of Color and Elder Ensembles. They created and shared original pieces of art in The Suffrage Project, reclaiming power over their citizenship in this election year.

Your gift makes a big impact and will empower WAM to sustain our arts activism mission in 2021 and beyond.
Will you continue to be a change-maker by donating to WAM Theatre today? Here’s to continuing to do all we can to create the world we want to live in.

In solidarity,

Kristen van Ginhoven
Producing Artistic Director

P.S.Please consider making your donation monthly. You can set up a recurring gift securely online at wamtheatre.com or send in the remittance slip with “Monthly” checked and we will contact you.