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March 14-21, 2021 

Letters to Kamala

by Rachel Lynett
Directed by Nicole Brewer

In the tense lead up to the 2020 presidential election, playwright Rachel Lynett conjures three female American political leaders of the past to share their wisdom, perspective, and wry humor with VP candidate Kamala Harris.

Missing from our history books, meet three powerful women on whose shoulders Kamala now stands: Charlotta Bass, the first Black woman candidate for vice president, Charlene Mitchell, the first Black woman to run for president, and Patsy Matsu Takemoto Mink, the first woman of color to be elected to the House of Representatives, first Asian-American woman to run in Congress and the first Asian-American to run for president.

Run time: 75 minutes

This is a reading. Actors will have scripts in hand.

Download the LETTERS TO KAMALA Playbill.

A Note from the Director

  • Thank you for attending WAM's digital reading of LETTERS TO KAMALA by Rachel Lynett. This show investigates the intersection of racism and oppression for women in politics and may activate racial distress in your body. In the play Charlene says, "These issues, our lives, what we've survived and what we've lost it's not uneasy. It's heavy." I encourage you to bring mindfulness and compassion for the feelings that will be activated in you and if possible to process your thoughts and feelings in community. I'm grateful for the activism of Patsy Matsu Takemoto Mink, Charlene Mitchell, and Charlotta Bass and for the artists who lifted their stories off the page and gifted me a space to feel my own femininity, courage, rage, empathy and desire to do works that prompt my healing and the healing of my beloved communities.

    Nicole BrewerDirector


Our production of LETTERS TO KAMALA has ended.

Thank you for you interest!

  • "I wanted to write a play that explored pride mixed in with caution, a play that questioned our cultural obsession with firsts but also made room for understanding the weight that being "first" carries. Who were the other firsts? What sacrifices did they have to make to get there and what can we ultimately never compromise on?"

    Rachel LynettPlaywright

What they're saying about LETTERS TO KAMALA…

  • “…plenty to say about our nation’s troubled racial history while keeping you fully engaged through the play’s roughly 75-minute running time.”

    Jay HandelmanSarasota Herald Tribune
  • “Though these women never give Harris the answers, they challenge her to be someone who honors her ancestry, her history and creates a legacy and a path for others to follow.”

    Deb KelleyBroadway World